Welcome to my Website.

My Website contains Landscape and Nature images, now retired and not travelling so far, my Landscape Images are not so much vistas as one would find on the Isle of Skye and The Lake District, more localised to where i live, favourite time for Landscape has to be Autumn and Winter, i do try to get to The New Forest at least once a month, lovely Heather Heathlands in Summer, Woodlands and Coastal Locations.

I enjoy Nature Photography, Bushy Park close to where i live has an abundance of Wildlife with Red and Fallow Deer, not hard to photograph of course, so look for interesting interaction, Birds of all sizes from Wren to Swan, during Winter you can look out for, Frosty images Mist and if very lucky these days, Snow, but it's all about the Light.

And during the Winter months low sun, with Sunrise and Sunset at a much more respectable time, Spring and Summer is a very busy time for Bird Photography, with nesting and rearing young, plenty of activity.

I do hope you enjoy my images as much as i have enjoyed taking them.